The Hidden Layers of Voluntary Disclosure and Crypto – Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax attorney Doron Levy illuminates the intricacies of retroactively calculating taxes on undeclared crypto earnings. He explains the various factors that impact tax calculations, such as fluctuating dollar rates and the absence of direct shekel conversions. Through a case study on crypto tax evasion, Levy demonstrates the importance of seeking professional expertise to effectively navigate […]

Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy Summarize Voluntary Disclosure | Video

Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Israel Tax Authority director Shay Aharonovich has introduced a new voluntary disclosure procedure. This initiative allows Israelis who have previously hidden assets and evaded taxes to report their wealth and pay the owed taxes without fearing criminal prosecution. To learn more about the procedure, watch this clip featuring tax expert Adv. Doron Levy.

Video: Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy – Dual Residency Taxation

Lawyer Doron Levy - Dual Residency

In this short clip, Israeli tax lawyer Doron Levy provides expert guidance on navigating dual residency taxation. Delving into a hypothetical scenario of an Israeli resident conducting business activities in another country (UK), Adv. Levy explains the complexities and potential pitfalls of dual residency taxation. Discover actionable strategies to address dual residency challenges, including identifying […]

Deciphering Residency in International Taxation: Insights from Lawyer Doron Levy

Residency: The Key to International Taxation - Lawyer Doron Levy

In this comprehensive exploration of residency in international taxation, Lawyer Doron Levy provides invaluable insights into this cornerstone concept. Adv. Levy begins by dissecting the definition of residency and its significance in determining tax obligations worldwide. Drawing on his extensive expertise, Lawyer Doron Levy elucidates how most countries, except for the United States, levy taxes […]

BusinessMole: Lawyer Doron Levy on Class Actions Against the State

Lawyer Doron Levy - BusinessMole

Explore the dynamics of class actions against the state with Lawyer Doron Levy in a feature on BusinessMole: “It’s crucial to note that the grounds for such lawsuits against the state are limited. Nevertheless, class actions against the state play a vital role, particularly in areas such as tax collection and mandatory payments not collected […]

Pressat: Adv. Doron Levy’s message to business owners

Adv. Doron Levy - Pressat

Adv. Doron Levy accentuates on Pressat the pivotal role of international taxation amidst the intricate tapestry of global business operations: “My message to business owners is – they need to be aware of the importance of international taxation. International businesses need to understand the tax laws of the relevant countries and take the necessary steps […]

“Tax Resistance”: Lawyer Doron Levy’s Call to Oppose Controversial Policies – IssueWire

Lawyer Doron Levy tax resistance

Lawyer Doron Levy, a tax expert in Israel, highlights in this article on IssueWire the role of tax resistance as a potent tool for civil disobedience against objectionable government actions and policies. He underscores that tax resistance goes beyond financial dissent, representing a moral stance against supporting regimes engaged in controversial acts. Drawing inspiration from […]