“Tax Resistance”: Lawyer Doron Levy’s Call to Oppose Controversial Policies – IssueWire

Lawyer Doron Levy tax resistance

Lawyer Doron Levy, a tax expert in Israel, highlights in this article on IssueWire the role of tax resistance as a potent tool for civil disobedience against objectionable government actions and policies. He underscores that tax resistance goes beyond financial dissent, representing a moral stance against supporting regimes engaged in controversial acts. Drawing inspiration from […]

Lawyer Doron Levy: video about Capital Market and Investor Protection

Lawyer Doron Levy

Lawyer Doron Levy, in this video, discusses the capital market’s focus on safeguarding investors in securities like stocks and bonds, emphasizing the disclosure obligations of public companies. Levy explains the history of finances and how they came to be. he also talks about cryptocurrency and public prospectus. Lawyer Doron Levy talks about the history of […]

Class Action Settlement Agreement: Watch Lawyer Doron Levy

Lawyer Doron Levy - Class Action Law

Lawyer Doron Levy asked about class action settlement agreement: “A class action settlement agreement is an agreement which following negotiations conducted by the plaintiff and his lawyer and the defendant with each side considering his chances and risks. They may be able to reach some kind of agreement. The agreement might be an agreement for […]