Deciphering Residency in International Taxation: Insights from Lawyer Doron Levy

Residency: The Key to International Taxation - Lawyer Doron Levy

In this comprehensive exploration of residency in international taxation, Lawyer Doron Levy provides invaluable insights into this cornerstone concept. Adv. Levy begins by dissecting the definition of residency and its significance in determining tax obligations worldwide. Drawing on his extensive expertise, Lawyer Doron Levy elucidates how most countries, except for the United States, levy taxes […]

Lawyer Doron Levy: video about Capital Market and Investor Protection

Lawyer Doron Levy

Lawyer Doron Levy, in this video, discusses the capital market’s focus on safeguarding investors in securities like stocks and bonds, emphasizing the disclosure obligations of public companies. Levy explains the history of finances and how they came to be. he also talks about cryptocurrency and public prospectus. Lawyer Doron Levy talks about the history of […]

Adv. Doron Levy: “It is essential to address these issues” – PRLog

Adv. Doron Levy - PRLog

Adv. Doron Levy issues a clarion call for immediate action to confront the decline in tax incomes and protect the Israeli economy from further harm. “It is essential to address these issues to ensure a sustainable and robust revenue framework for the state”, asserts Adv. Levy on PRLog, highlighting the urgency of the situation. “The […]

Watch Adv. Doron Levy Discusses Residency for Taxation

Lawyer Doron Levy

Do you know what are the tests that determine residency for tax purposes? Adv. Doron Levy discusses the criteria for establishing residency: “Let’s take Israel, for example. In Israel, the basic test is a fundamental one: where is the person’s center of life? Determining the center of life involves a comprehensive examination of various factors, […]