The Hidden Layers of Voluntary Disclosure and Crypto – Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax attorney Doron Levy illuminates the intricacies of retroactively calculating taxes on undeclared crypto earnings. He explains the various factors that impact tax calculations, such as fluctuating dollar rates and the absence of direct shekel conversions. Through a case study on crypto tax evasion, Levy demonstrates the importance of seeking professional expertise to effectively navigate […]

Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy Summarize Voluntary Disclosure | Video

Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Israel Tax Authority director Shay Aharonovich has introduced a new voluntary disclosure procedure. This initiative allows Israelis who have previously hidden assets and evaded taxes to report their wealth and pay the owed taxes without fearing criminal prosecution. To learn more about the procedure, watch this clip featuring tax expert Adv. Doron Levy.