Video: Israeli Tax Lawyer Doron Levy – Dual Residency Taxation

Lawyer Doron Levy - Dual Residency

In this short clip, Israeli tax lawyer Doron Levy provides expert guidance on navigating dual residency taxation. Delving into a hypothetical scenario of an Israeli resident conducting business activities in another country (UK), Adv. Levy explains the complexities and potential pitfalls of dual residency taxation. Discover actionable strategies to address dual residency challenges, including identifying […]

“Tax Resistance”: Lawyer Doron Levy’s Call to Oppose Controversial Policies – IssueWire

Lawyer Doron Levy tax resistance

Lawyer Doron Levy, a tax expert in Israel, highlights in this article on IssueWire the role of tax resistance as a potent tool for civil disobedience against objectionable government actions and policies. He underscores that tax resistance goes beyond financial dissent, representing a moral stance against supporting regimes engaged in controversial acts. Drawing inspiration from […]

Adv. Doron Levy: “It is essential to address these issues” – PRLog

Adv. Doron Levy - PRLog

Adv. Doron Levy issues a clarion call for immediate action to confront the decline in tax incomes and protect the Israeli economy from further harm. “It is essential to address these issues to ensure a sustainable and robust revenue framework for the state”, asserts Adv. Levy on PRLog, highlighting the urgency of the situation. “The […]